Last month the “Left-Handed Pianist” team had the opportunity to travel to Virginia to meet Joan Ripley, the daughter of Paul Wittgenstein. Paul was the talented, one-armed pianist who commissioned the Ravel Concerto for the Left Hand (and many other pieces for the left hand!).

At the shoot, Joan and Norman met for the first time and it was a day that none of us will forget.  Joan shared stories of her father with Norman.  Norman shared his own personal journey with Joan.    As an extra surprise, Norman played the beloved Ravel piece on Paul Wittgenstein’s very own piano (and we filmed it all!).  We were also thrilled to hear Norman play some new pieces that he has been mastering.

We are so grateful to Jason Stephens, who is part of our producing team and helped make this shoot possible.  We can’t wait to share all this footage with you–meanwhile enjoy the pics!