Seventy years later, a musician wounded by his father reclaims the stage


Seventy years later, a pianist wounded by his father reclaims the stage

Watch the WGN News video that features Norman’s story!

About the Film

LEFT-HANDED PIANIST is a documentary produced by Kartemquin Films about the inspiring pianist Norman Malone. At age 5, Norman discovered he was a natural at the piano. Tragically, when Norman turned 10, his father attacked him with a hammer to the head, leaving him paralyzed on his right side. Undaunted, Malone began a lifelong quest to reclaim his place at the piano, mastering the most difficult music ever written for left hand alone – and never telling anyone of his deepening virtuosity. Not until he was 78 did Malone reveal his story (to the Chicago Tribune), prompting belated invitations to perform across America. Nearly 70 years after his tragic attack, Malone launches a much-delayed, triumphant concert career.

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“It’s encouraging to realize that I can do it. If I just take the time and patience, I can do it. Whether or not anybody hears it or not, it’s mine.”

— Norman Malone on playing the piano


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The LEFT-HANDED PIANIST team traveled to Charlottesville, VA to shoot with Joan Ripley, daughter of Paul Wittgenstein! Photos by @zbig

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